Never carry your jacket again....Get a CoatClip!
The CoatClip is the proud invention of Doug & Gayle Hitchcock.

We live in Naperville, IL and came up with this idea one evening in a night club where we both had leather coats and no place to check them.

You can't tie a good leather coat around your waist and carrying around your coat is a real pain in the !@#%$. Anyways, we remembered those mitten clips that our mothers made us attach to our coats from the 1950's and that's what led to this invention.

CoatClip is patented (patent pending with the USPTO)
CoatClip is a registered Trademark of CoatClip Fashion Accessories

Look at all the people who have been here and bought the CoatClip! 

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They're only $4.95 each or can be orderd in a family pack of four ($)

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