Never carry your jacket again....Get a CoatClip!


CoatClip was just reviewed for the TV show "Shark Tank" during Chicago open auditions.  We put together a great storyboard the judges loves as to how CoatClip solves a real problem and lets you be hands-free.. 
Have you ever carried your coat or jacket through the mall or airport?

It's such a pain to carry your overcoat when you're inside.

The CoatClip is the answer......Your hands and arms will love you!

Contact us at "drhitch at comcast dot net" as we build this web site

Shark Tank special:

We no longer sell CoatClips on E-Bay, but for you, specially from the TV show Shark Tank, we can take orders directly via PayPal secure payments here.

A portion of the proceeds from purchases of the CoatClip go to benefit patients going through chemotherapy for ovarian cancer.

Also, be sure to see our ovarian cancer fund to help women with co-pays at the chemo labs:


This is your CoatClip....Never carry your jacket again.

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